Gender: Female
Age: Approx. 4 years old
Shelter Resident for 3 years

  • Affectionate 90% 90%
  • Playful 90% 90%
  • Likes other animals 60% 60%

Ofella’s Story

It was just another day for Ofella as she roams around her neighborhood, until she encountered a vehicle speeding directly towards her. The next thing she knew, she was laying on the ground with a broken hind leg. The driver sped away of course.

Ofella, still bleeding and in pain, limped to her house only to find out that her owner, the person she loved and trusted the most would simply turn her away. A kind-hearted woman that saw her plight decided to rescue poor Ofella and bring her to PAWS where she was treated. Despite the physical injury and neglect experienced from her owner, she remained a positive and happy kitty.

Ideal Home

Ofella will thrive best as a solo pet as she is very demanding of affection and tends to be jealous and defensive around other animals. She would be a nice companion to a family that can provide a safe indoor home — far away from speeding cars!


All our adoptable animals are victims of cruelty or neglect, so we screen all applicants to ensure that they go to the right homes. If you think you can provide a loving home for this animal, let’s get the process moving!


If you can’t adopt but would like to help this shelter animal, then you can be a sponsor! All proceeds go to their food, medication, and everyday needs. Many lives have been saved by small donations. Please keep supporting them!