As part of its 3-legged Samar Spay/Neuter Outreach Program, The PAWS Spay Neuter and Humane Education Team  travelled 40 hours by land and sea to the Salamat Animal Rescue Center in Catbalogan, Western Samar where 47 animals were spayed or neutered over the course of 3 days. 

The team  then headed  to Catarman, Northern Samar  to conduct a Spay/Neuter Outreach and humane education talks for residents in the area.

They were  pleasantly surprised to learn that the local government was inaugurating the newly-constructed Animal Birth Control Center  or ABC Center, on the very same day that they came – July 16, 2012

The newly-constructed ABC center will be the venue for Spaying and Neutering of Catarman residents’ animals, as well as the clinic for the impounded dogs who will undergo a mandatory vaccination and sterilization upon claiming of the rightful owners.  

Samar has a very impressive Anti-Rabies Project.   For Catarman, the head of the Anti-Rabies and Dog Registration Program is the very dynamic  Dr. Chari Cornillez. 

PAWS was there to witness firsthand how owners were encouraged to register their dogs so that their dogs could be properly tagged and identifed.  When a girl came to claim her dog who was caught by dog-catchers on the street, Doc Chari explained the Anti-Rabies Law provisions to the girl  – that dogs were not allowed to roam the streets unless they are at the end of a leash being walked by their owners. With the P500 fine, the girl was given a rabies vaccination card, a tag and advice that the dog should be taken back for next year’s registration and anti-rabies shots.

The ABC Center in Samar is  the second of its kind in the area of Visayas . 

The inauguration started with the blessing of the facility, followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony and a short program.  Catarman Mayor Rolando Carpio applauded the team headed by Municipal Veterinarian Charito Cornillez for embarking on this project which will be the first important step in achieving their goal of a Rabies-Free Catarman by 2030.  

PAWS’s shelter veterinarian Dr. Wilford Almoro and Executive Director Anna Cabrera also congratulated the people behind the ABC Center and hopes that all municipalities will follow their example in putting up projects for animal welfare and sterilization, tackling its importance in relation to public health and safety.

Also present is Dr. Gerry Camer, Dean or UEP College of Veterinary Medicine who gave a promising message of support to the future projects of the ABC Center specially on animal sterilization.

After the program, PAWS’ Spay-Neuter Team, led by Dr. Wilford Almoro and Dr. Maripi Diaz provided free spaying and neutering to pets of residents in the area. Thirty-four (34) animals, mostly dogs were sterilized over the course of two (2) days. These includes dogs which came from the municipal pound.  Dr. Cornillez said that people adopting from the pound are more interested in dogs that already neutered or spayed.

The Humane Education Team, headed by PAWS Executive Director Anna Cabrera, provided free seminars on Responsible Pet Ownership, Animal Welfare Laws and the Benefits of Spaying and Neutering.

On July 18, 2012, as the last part of its 3-legged Samar Spay/Neuter Outreach Program, The PAWS Spay/Neuter and Humane Education Team headed to the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP) to conduct a Spay/Neuter Outreach Program, in coordination with the UEP College of Veterinary Medicine.

Pet owners were given free sterilization for their cats and dogs, as well as information on how to keep their companion animals healthy after they have been fixed. 

Brgy Narra, Catarman residents who did not catch the PAWS Spay-Neuter Team at the Catarman ABC Center brought their dogs to the University of Eastern Philippines for the last session, hoping to get a slot. No one was turned away.  A total of 16 animals were provided with free surgeries.

Veterinary medicine students were also given a free seminar on Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice and a demo on spay and neuter surgeries by Dr. Wilford Almoro.  The students were supervised by UEPVM’s Professor of Surgery, Dr. Nieta Amit.

Our deepest gratitude to the UEP – College  of Veterinary Medicine’s dean, Dr. Gerry Camer, for the PAWS volunteers’ accommodations during this leg of the Outreach.


Many thanks to the Local Government Unit of Catarman, Northern Samar, for making PAWS a part of its efforts to educate its people and promote a healthier environment for pets.

Dr Wilford Almoro says “The welcome we received from the officials of Catarman was overwhelming.The Mayor was there for all three days – from the arrival of the PAWS team all the way to the last day of the Spay-Neuter outreach.” 

Doc Almoro says he was also glad to have worked with students of the University of Eastern Philippines for the spay-neuter training at their Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  “Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Camer, UEP Veterinary School is a bright beacon of hope for vet students taking a much bigger role in the improvement of animal welfare in the country.”

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