On February 17, 2017, in celebration of the International Spay Day, PAWS offered free spay and neuter surgeries to dogs and cats of indigent owners on its Annual Spay Day 2017.

The registration started earlier than the announced 10:00 AM, as some pet owners arrived and lined up at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center as early as 4:00 AM. Registration was closed at 12:00 PM, at which time, the number of registrants was more than 300.

Every year,  in the month of February, PAWS conducts this free spay and neuter service for indigent pet owners. With the campaign and information dissemination on the benefits of spaying and neutering of pets, more and more people are availing, not just the free service every February, but the low-cost service which is always available at the PAWS clinic. Many of these pet owners have had previous pets spayed or neutered and can attest to its benefits. Spaying and neutering of pets has become a part of responsible pet ownership, especially in the prevention of unwanted puppies and kittens being born.

The PAWS team is composed of Dr.Wilford Almoro and clinic assistants Greg Ferry and Ricknel Rambonga, together with our volunteer partners Dr. Aris Hapatinga with assisting vet Dr. Rolando Jamir Jr. from Santa Ana Animal Health Clinic, Dra. Mace Licuanan-Resurreccion, Dr. Avelino Verdadero, Dr. John Oliver Sumeldan with vet assistants Rence Maning and Aljon Nace of Mandaluyong Animal Care (MACE) & Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC), and Dr. Ralph De Guia with vet assistant Michael Tesoro of Vets in Practice,  worked non-stop to accommodate all registered pets.  34 male dogs and 118 male cats were neutered while 26 female dogs and 158 female cats were spayed. It was a record-breaking total of 336 animals that were given free service.

This was made possible with the support of our generous donors and supporting members. We also thank our tireless volunteers who participated and remained alert until 3:00 AM  and helped make this event a success for the animals.  

For more photos, click ​https://plus.google.com/102744833950288027725/posts/ERtJpbxPLTy