Rescue, Rehab & Adoption

The PAWS shelter is intended for animals involved in cases of cruelty or neglect. We provide physical and behavioral rehabilitation for these rescued animals to be able to find them forever homes, while their cases are pending in court.

"Why can't you rescue the poor cat/dog?"

There are thousands of starving and injured animals that need help, while the shelter has 1) very limited space, 2) very limited number of caretakers and volunteers, and 3) strict quarantine protocols. That’s why we prioritize animals involved in cruelty or neglect cases so that we can bring offenders to justice.

“Concerned citizens” must not depend on PAWS or any other animal welfare organizations alone. Everyone must do their part.

If the animal is in imminent danger, then YOU are their best chance of survival. If you are unable to remove the animal from danger, a PAWS volunteer may be able to assist. The animal may be brought to the shelter for emergency treatment, but admission cannot be guaranteed.

When we get reports of hit and run, animals that are dying of starvation, or very young kittens or puppies left on a busy highway to die, we can give them emergency treatment. However, the rescuer or reporting citizen must be willing to foster or give them a temporary home until there is space at the shelter. Learn more about fostering.
Animal cruelty and dog slaughter are crimes and they must be reported to the barangay or police IMMEDIATELY. PAWS does not have the authority to confiscate owned animals without court orders in place. If the reporting citizen is committed to executing an affidavit and appearing in court, PAWS will provide legal assistance. Otherwise, offenders will only keep abusing and mistreating animals. Learn how to report animal cruelty.
Yes. As the animal’s temporary caregiver, you also need to be present during the rescue operation and foster agreement signing. By doing this, you are providing the rescued animal a temporary home until they are vaccinated, neutered, and ready to be admitted to the shelter. Learn more about fostering.

No, PAWS does not take in unwanted pets. If you need to rehome your pet, it is your responsibility as the pet owner to find them a home. We can help with rehoming owned pets provided they meet the criteria for Rehoming Assistance.