CSR & Partnerships

The corporate sector has a great capacity to do good in our society and effect positive change. 

Whether they are one-off projects or long-term partnerships, PAWS takes every opportunity to teach kindness to animals by using the amplified voices of corporations and its people. 

Find out how your company can get involved in the animal welfare advocacy.


More than mere dole-out programs, PAWS CSR programs help engage the employees to become proactive citizens who are compassionate and empathetic. Corporations can elect to have volunteering excursions, fund our sustainable animal welfare development initiatives, or help gather resources in impactful projects that are made to address key problems in animal welfare.


We alone cannot effect the change that we long to see. It takes all of us working together to bring about positive change.

This is why we build strong, long-term partnerships with like-minded entities who also want to see a more compassionate society. Our corporate partners act as signal boosters and help us to send our message of compassion further and louder.