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Please use the form to message us. Because of the number of messages we receive everyday, please give us a few days to respond. Our messages are checked by volunteers during their spare time. PLEASE AVOID ASKING FOR VETERINARY ADVICE, ESPECIALLY IN EMERGENCY CASES. We are not vets.

Before sending us a message, please see if your concern is already answered here:

Emergency / Rescue

If you wish to report an emergency, this may not be the best way to ask for assistance because our response times are slow. You are their best chance for survival. Please try to get the animal out of harm’s way immediately.

If you’re unable to do so, please ask the barangay or other concerned citizens for help. You may also try calling our landline at 02-475-1688; however, we can’t guarantee that a volunteer is available to help. We also can’t guarantee that there is space at the shelter to admit another animal, unless you are willing to foster.

Please read our rescue and admission guidelines here:

Clinic / Vet

Consultations & check ups are currently suspended. Only scheduled kapon surgeries will be accommodated. For more info, please read more here:

Spay / Neuter (Kapon)

If you want to schedule your pet for spay/neuter, please book here: Otherwise, there might be some delays in confirming your schedule.

Read more here:

To organize a TNR for your community, first ask your community leaders (Barangay Captain, HOA President, building admin) to coordinate with a licensed vet that can offer low-cost (charity) rates for spay and neuter. You can also ask them to coordinate with PAWS. Our TNR program includes a free seminar on animal control, humane trapping, managed feeding and animal welfare laws.

Read more here:

Cruelty / Neglect

If you wish to report animal cruelty or pet neglect, please read this page first to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken right away:

If you have followed the steps and wish to pursue it further, here’s the information you need:

Adopt / Foster

If you want to adopt or foster an animal from PAWS, please visit the shelter to meet our adoptable animals. Read more here:

PAWS DOES NOT ADOPT PETS. We already have 300+ cats and dogs rescued from cruelty and neglect and they are all waiting to be adopted. If you wish to rehome your pet, please find adopters among your family and friends. If you have exhausted all options and still need help, please review our rehoming assistance program here:

Donation Inquiry

If you wish to donate, please visit this page for more info:

If your question isn’t answered on those pages, please let us know. Thank you!

Volunteer Inquiry

If you wish to volunteer, please visit this page for more info:

If your question isn’t answered on those pages, please let us know. Thank you!

Disaster Relief
Humane Education (Seminars / Lectures)
Thesis, OJT & Other Student Inquiry
Partnership, CSR & Other Company Inquiry
Dr. Dog / LEAD

How you can help

The shelter and all our programs and campaigns are funded solely by donations. You can donate any amount via bank deposit or Paypal transfer.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Swift no. BOPIPHMM)
Acct Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
USD Acct No. 3944-0021-61
PHP Acct No. 3943-0086-11

Philippine National Bank (Swift no. PNBM PHMM)
Acct Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Acct No. 1888-70015305

BDO Savings
Acct Name : The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Acct No : 0036-4007-0350

Checks should be issued to Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)


Paypal is the easiest and safest way to donate online using your credit card.
You do not need to be a PayPal member.

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC)

Aurora Blvd. Katipunan Valley,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City,
Philippines 1108

Tel. (02) 7577-7178 (temporary ECQ#)

Please note that this number is used mainly for scheduling spay/neuter appointments, and is often busy. Please call only if absolutely necessary, and only if your concern is not addressed in our FAQs. It is best to message us [HERE]

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