Disaster Relief

PAWS has been recognized for their efforts in rescuing animals and helping local communities affected by natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. If you know of any locality that needs disaster relief, let us know.

Volunteers and groups interested in joining future disaster relief efforts may also contact us.

Disaster Preparedness

Animals must be considered in disaster preparedness and response. Through our lobbying efforts, animals are slowly finding their way into the government’s disaster-relief and evacuation programs. People are also reminded to not leave their pets and livestock tied up or caged to give them a chance to flee to safety.

Disaster Relief Training

Though it has been done many times in more developed countries, the sad reality is that the Philippines is not fully equipped to rescue animals in times of crisis. This is where PAWS steps in, training volunteers and groups of animal activists to deal with situations of disaster. These training sessions are dubbed “echo sessions,” and were originally imparted to PAWS by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) group.

Aside from informative lectures and presentations, the workshops include practical training on how to efficiently develop a rescue line, inflate and maneuver rescue rafts, and rescue drowning people or animals in the water.