Rehoming Your Pet

Rehoming your pet should be your LAST option. Responsible pet owners must take full responsibility for their pet. Leaving them with charity organizations like PAWS is not the responsible choice.

PAWS can offer Rehoming Assistance if you meet all the requirements, but we will not adopt or admit your pet to the shelter.

A pet is a family member. Would you rehome a family member when life becomes difficult? If you really must let go of your pet, have you done everything in your power to find them loving homes?

Are you rehoming your pet because they are sick and you can’t look after them? 

There are vets that offer low cost veterinary care.

Does your pet have behavior problems that you can’t deal with? 

There are animal behavior experts that offer training and rehabilitation.

Did they have kittens or puppies that you didn’t want? 

There are institutions that offer low cost (or free) spay/neuter surgery.

Does your pet qualify for rehoming assistance?

This eliminates the burden for potential adopters so they don’t need to deal with heat cycles, unwanted litters, and diseases that affect intact pets. Vet certification may be required for verification.

Vaccinating your pet will ensure that they are in good health and they don’t spread diseases when taken into their new home. Please present their vaccination card for verification.

It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of potential adopters. Animals with aggression issues need to be rehabilitated at the owner’s expense to be eligible for our rehoming assistance program.

If your pet qualifies for rehoming assistance, PAWS will assist by advertising within our social media networks in order to find a suitable adopter.