By Kathy Moran (The Philippine Star) | Updated November 1, 2015
MANILA, Philippines – Scaredy Cats & Dogs,”  the Halloween pet costume competition organized by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), was held at the Fisher Mall Event Center last Oct. 24.

For this year, most of the entries were characters from popular movies or costumes crafted straight from the vivid imagination of the pet owners.

The 2015 Transylvanian Star (best pet in costume) was awarded to Jacks, a Pomeranian who came as Ghost Rider, while the Phantom’s Pick (most creative pet costume) was awarded to Klondike as Zorro, who was also the most photographed dog at the event when he posed riding a wooden 

horse and carrying  a miniature rose in his mouth made out of doggie treats.

Mini Pinscher Peewee and owner Bujeng Jose were dressed as the Winged Warriors complete with white feathered wings that actually flapped, went home with the award for Best Ghoulish Partners (best pet and owner tandem).Aspins and Puspins were also represented that day.  The Halim-Aw-Aw Award (best native dog in costume) drew the loudest cheers from the audience.  Maxim and Cheska came as Yaya Dog and Lola NiDOGra with their entourage — Dogelio, Dogelio, Dogelio, portrayed by Mandaluyong Animal Shelter (MAS)  volunteers. Another Aspin from MAS named Mirin bagged a Pumpkin Patch honorable mention with his eye-catching Falcon Dog costume.
Also particularly noteworthy was the Puspin group, which  dazzled everyone as the cast of “Heneral Tuna,” a parody of the the blockbuster movie, Heneral Luna. All 11 felines are rescued native cats and portrayed the different characters in the movie. Among them were Luke the orange tabby as  Heneral Del Purrlar,  gray tabbies Sebastian and Gray as Purrsidente Aguinaldo and Heneral Tuna, and  Emboy as Apawlinario Meowbini, an actual paraplegic cat who was carried onstage in a hammock.

The audience giggled and cheered loudly as the cat parents came onstage amid epic music, while being introduced by host Shaan Hizon:  “Para ba kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang pusa?”  (Are you virgins who believe wholeheartedly in the love of a cat?) — a parody of an actual quote in the movie. 

The resounding answer was a loud “Yes!,” as 16 cats participated in the fun Halloween event, the largest number in its 12-year run.
“It’s more difficult to judge these super cute pets in costumes than candidates in a beauty pageant,” said TV host Marc Nelson when asked how hard it was to be on the panel of judges for the competition this year.  Co-judges for that day were dance diva Regine Tolentino and  Asia’s Got Talent producer Serena Lau, who both nodded in agreement.
Sponsors of the event included Pet One, Fisher Mall and Frontline Plus. Other sponsors were Gerry’s Grill, McDonald’s, Swell Sweets, Betterdog, Jack ‘n Jill Dos, Posh Nails, Xcess Salon, Torque, Crossfit Halcyon, Victoria Court, Vanity Fur Pet Salon, Fisher Box Office, Fisher Supermarket, Fisher Department Store and the STAR Pet Life Section.