PAWS opposes any act whereby humans incite, allow, or cause animals to fight

PAWS vehemently disagrees with any sort of activity that directly places animals in way of harm, especially in concerns to pitting animals against each other in a physical fight.

These activities — fittingly named “blood sports” — are usually performed for the purposes of financial gain, entertainment or other reasons that do not excuse the cruelty of such violence.

In the majority of cases, illegal gambling and betting on the victory of an animal in one of these inhumane competitions is the primary form of such activities, leading to other forms of abuse such as human-on-animal violence or chemical doping in the hopes of gaining an edge in the “sport”.

As blood-sports directly result in serious injury or even the death of any animals involved, we will continue to uphold our opposition against animal fighting and violence perpetrated towards animals of any kind.

Whether it takes the form of dog fighting, horse fighting or cockfighting, inciting violence between two animals is not only morally incorrect, but also against the law in certain cases beneath the Animal Welfare Act of 1988.

Not only does PAWS campaign against the injustice and inhumanity of human-instigated animal fighting, but we also encourage others to do the same; by providing legal aid towards good citizens wishing to pursue legal action against perpetrators, and directing reports of animal cruelty to the appropriate authorities.

If you have personally witnessed animal cruelty in the form of illegal blood-sports or similar inhumane acts of violence involving animals, we strongly advise you to contact barangay officials and/or the police hotline.