City Pound

The city pound is a government-funded facility where stray cats and dogs are impounded for a certain period until they are claimed by their owners, adopted, or if left unclaimed, euthanized.

PAWS is NOT an animal pound. It is not our duty to pick up stray animals. The city pound, on the other hand, is funded by our taxes to do this.

Keep your pet from getting impounded.

Section 5 of RA 9482 or the Anti-Rabies Act states that pet owners must keep their pets on a leash when they are in public.

If your dog is captured, the city pound has the authority to fine you or to EUTHANIZE your dog if they are not claimed within the holding period.

If your pet goes missing, you should immediately contact the city pound in case they have your pet. If so, you must immediately claim them before the holding period is up. The holding period depends on the local law, but is usually within 1 day to 1 week from capture.

"Is it legal to euthanize animals in the pound?"

Yes, it is completely legal for the city pound to euthanize unclaimed animals after the holding period. However, they must employ humane methods when catching and performing euthanasia on animals.

The most humane way to euthanize an animal is through barbiturates. Other methods, such as Tambucho Gassing or Electrocution, are inhumane and illegal.

We have very little influence on what happens in city pounds, but PAWS will take action if there is evidence of inhumane methods or acts of animal cruelty taking place in an animal pound.