Fetch & Fix

The PAWS Fetch & Fix Program aims to end the cycle of homelessness for the pets of people with limited means.

For many homeless people, spaying and neutering their pets helps prevent their situation from getting worse. It will allow them to take better care of their pets without worrying about accidental litters. 

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We see homeless people almost every day, sleeping on sidewalks or walking with their ‘kariton’ — often accompanied by multiple pets. These well-meaning people care for their pets the best way they can, but they cannot afford neuter surgery. 

You can help them get their pets neutered for free!

First, make sure you have their consent to request ‘kapon’ for their pets. If your request is approved, PAWS will fetch their pets, take them to the PAWS shelter clinic for surgery, and return them to the owner once they have recovered. 

PAWS covers the cost of transporting their pets as well as performing the spay/neuter surgery. We use funds donated by generous sponsors and supporting members. You, too, can contribute to this program by donating a small amount.