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Hit-and-Run Cases

How can you help if a stray animal is hit by a vehicle, and left with its injuries? What should you do if your own pet becomes a victim of hit-and-run?

REMEMBER: Calling PAWS means you have to wait and see if a volunteer is available. That could take hours or even days, and by then it may be too late. FIND HELP ON-SITE or call the barangay immediately.

Stray animals on the road

Here’s what you can do to help a stray animal that has been hit by a vehicle. 

  1. If the animal can be moved and handled SAFELY, then try and move the animal to a safe area, away from further injury.
  2. If you can’t do it yourself, call the local government or the MMDA to assist. It is their obligation to do so.
  3. Take the animal to the nearest vet and ask for their charity rates for injured stray animals.*
  4. While the animal is getting treated, you can try to raise funds from your circle of family, friends, and even on social media. Many rescuers have successfully done this.
  5. Make sure that someone will foster the animal once the vet discharges them from the clinic.**

*NOTE: PAWS will not cover expenses incurred at other private vet clinics but we may be able to help by speaking with the vet to ask for charity rates.

**Fostering is a temporary arrangement to care for an animal until they can be adopted or admitted to the shelter. Learn more here.

An actual dog rescue performed with the help of
the Muntinlupa Fire Department

If your pet becomes a victim of hit-and-run...

"Can I file a case against the driver of the vehicle?"

Yes. Deliberately harming an animal is a crime and is punishable by law. Even if accidental, the driver can be charged with reckless imprudence or gross negligence resulting in injury or death.

But remember: Allowing your pet to roam freely without a leash, in public streets or outside your home (even in the presence of the owner) is also a violation of RA9482 or The Anti Rabies Act.

To pursue a legal case, you must follow due process. If you are committed to pressing charges, PAWS will provide free legal assistance.