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Spay/Neuter Outreach

To conduct a spay/neuter outreach in your province, city or neighborhood, a sponsor needs to cover the cost of drugs, medical supplies, and fuel or airfare of our vets and volunteers, as well as their food and lodging (if applicable).

PAWS absorbs the cost of closing down our low-cost clinic for the duration of the outreach.

How to organize a spay/neuter outreach in your area

To organize a successful spay/neuter outreach, we will need the help and cooperation of your LGU and the support of individuals or organizations who would be willing to sponsor the activity.

PAWS will coordinate with your LGU to finalize all the aspects of the outreach, but first we need you to do the following:

Obtain the full name and contact details of the head of the Barangay or another authorized representative who can be the point person for the outreach activity.

It could be the Barangay Hall, a gym, basketball court, or another well-ventilated, covered venue. There should be easy access to running water. The space should accommodate our PAWS mobile clinic (a large van), a registration area, a waiting area for owners and their pets, and a post-operation recovery area.

Indicate your proposed plan for disseminating information to the community about the kapon outreach (e.g. flyers, posters, community social media pages, etc.). For the outreach to be worth the time, travel and effort, we strive to serve at least 30 cats or dogs per day. This would cost an estimated P30,000 for all the veterinary expenses.

Outreach activities are scheduled at least one (1) month in advance to give us time to prepare.