Lost & Found Pets

PAWS utilizes social media in order to assist citizens who are looking for their missing pet, or those who have found a pet that appears to be missing its owner.

Lost & Found Pets

PAWS utilizes social media in order to assist citizens who are looking for their missing pet, or those who have found a pet that appears to be missing its owner.

“PAWS, please help me find my pet.”

We are saddened by incidences of missing pets, and we understand that you would do anything to find your missing family member. PAWS can assist by making the announcement on our Facebook page so that those who may see the lost pet can contact the owner.

Social media announcement

To post your lost pet in the PAWS Facebook page, kindly email their photo to [email protected] with the subject line LOST PET, or use the report button below. Remember to include details such as identifying marks, time and place last seen, and other helpful information. And of course, don’t forget to include your contact details.

Community search

Check your city pound immediately. If your pet was loose on the streets, he/she may have been picked up by authorized catchers. Canvas your neighborhood, go door-to-door, and post flyers with your pet’s current photos and your contact information. If you suspect your pet has been stolen, your must report this to the police/barangay immediately.

“Please help me find the owner of a cat/dog that appears to be missing.”

We can help by announcing on our Facebook page to help widen the search for the owner. However, we will ​omit details such as the gender, breed, etc. so that the owner can prove ownership by providing the required information.

Fostering found pets

People are encouraged to foster the lost pet or find someone to foster it, in order to give the owner a chance to make contact. If you post on your social media pages, we advise you to limit the information you share and to post photos in black and white in order to protect the animal from opportunistic people who just want to score a free pet.

Who to contact

Inform the barangay in case the owner goes looking for their pet there. You may also take the animal to the vet to scan for a microchip. Taking the animal to the pound is also an option, but this means the pet will be put down after a few days if not claimed by the owner. PAWS cannot take in the lost pet due to our limited admission policy.

Tips on how to avoid losing your pet

  • Keep your pet indoors and/or secure it in your property.
  • Ensure your property is suitably fenced.
  • Attach a tag on your pet’s collar that indicates your pet’s name, as well as your name and contact details. Another alternative is microchipping. A microchip is method for permanent electronic identification. The microchip allows vets to scan the dog for owner identification.
  • Always use a leash when taking your pet out. Hold the leash at all times.
  • Constantly supervise your pet when in public.
  • Have your pet spayed/neutered to minimize their urge to roam and find a mate.

DID YOU KNOW?  The Anti Rabies Act of 2007 (RA 9482) Sec. 5. states that all Pet Owners are required to maintain control over their dog and not allow it to roam the streets or any public place without a leash.

Would you like to report a lost/found pet?

Please email us at [email protected] with photos of the pet and other pertinent information, and use the subject line LOST PET / FOUND PET, whichever applies.

For lost pets, please include the following:

  • A recent photo of your missing pet
  • Your name and contact information
  • Name of your pet
  • Breed, sex, and physical description of your pet
  • Date, time, and place your pet was last seen
  • Reward (optional)

How you can help

The shelter and all our programs and campaigns are funded solely by donations. You can donate any amount via bank deposit or Paypal transfer.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Swift no. BOPIPHMM)
Acct Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
USD Acct No. 3944-0021-61
PHP Acct No. 3943-0086-11

Philippine National Bank (Swift no. PNBM PHMM)
Acct Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Acct No. 1888-70015305

BDO Savings
Acct Name : The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
Acct No : 0036-4007-0350

Checks should be issued to Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)


Paypal is the easiest and safest way to donate online using your credit card.
You do not need to be a PayPal member.

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