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Approx. 9 years old



We know that there are loving cat owners out there who are eagerly looking to foster or adopt a cat in desperate need of a home. Make Lucy, a senior female Puspin that has been with us since 2013, your best move. She is raring for a loving single person, couple, or family and promises to be well-behaved as she is no longer an energetic, playful kitten. Think: senior pets are some of the best choices for fur-ever friends. They love cuddles and belly rubs. They are affectionate without being too needy. And they warm up to owners quickly after being adopted. Make Lucy your first choice if you need a well-behaved, house-broken cat. She will shower you with love and gratitude the same.

Adoption FAQ

Can I return my adopted pet if I change my mind?

A pet is a lifetime commitment. However, if you truly can’t keep your adopted pet, please don’t abandon them on the streets or with strangers. Please return them to us so we can find another home for them. 

Can my adoption application get denied?

Yes. Some reasons for denied applications include: Not being able to keep their pet indoors, incompatibility with the household, plus other circumstances that may be damaging to the health, safety, and happiness of our shelter animals. 

I live in the province/abroad. Can I still adopt?

Yes, but special arrangements need to be made for the meet-and-greet, depending on your location. Please contact us to discuss your options. You may also opt to adopt from your local pound instead.

Why is there an adoption fee?

The adoption fee is a token of your commitment and and a demonstration of your financial capacity to care for a pet. P500 for cats / P1000 for dogs is a small price which already covers your pet’s spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and tick+flea treatment.

Can I adopt more than one pet?

Some applicants may be approved to adopt more than one pet on a case to case basis, but especially if the animal you wish to adopt belongs to a bonded pair.