The Body Shop celebrates its first year of Make me Fabulous Makeup  with the launch of “Women With Passion” 

August 23/Manila, Philippines – The Body Shop Philippines celebrated the first year anniversary of its Make Me Fabulous Make-up range and the launch of the new Autumn Trend collection last evening with the inauguration of the “Women With Passion” Awards.

Commented Ms Nicky Tracey, Corporate Communications Director of The Body Shop Asia Pacific,  “At The Body Shop, we are passionate about everything we do, from running an ethical business and campaigning on issues directly relevant to our customers, to producing fabulous products that make women look and feel good about themselves, regardless of their age. Being passionate can be a force for positive social and environmental change.

In the same spirit, “Women With Passion” Awards, an initiative by The Body Shop Philippines, recognises outstanding women whose passion have made positive differences in the lives of others through their various works.”

The inaugural awards this year honour the outstanding achievements of Filipina women in the areas of defending human rights, creating awareness and support of animal welfare, protecting the environment, and activating self esteem.

The recipients are: Atty. Katrina Legarda, a known advocate for the rights of women and children; Edith Yotoko-Villanueva, who spearheads Operation Smile Philippines Foundation, an organization that helps many children aspire for a better future by correcting their physical deformities; Chin-Chin Gutierrez, an internationally-acclaimed environmentalist; and Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco, president of Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and a strong mover behind the Animal Welfare Act.

“Never could I have imagined being chosen one of five Women With Passion. I thank The Body Shop for propagating our identical viewpoint that the respect of animal rights and welfare is essential in a civilized and compassionate society,” said Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco of PAWS.

Through Women With Passion, The Body Shop Philippines hopes to inspire more Filipinas, both young and old, to do more and take action in the different issues in their daily lives.

About The Body Shop International
The Body Shop International plc has more than 2,000 stores in over 50 markets worldwide. A global retailer of toiletries and cosmetics, we are also committed to environmental protection and respect for human rights; we develop trading relationships with communities in need; we are against animal testing in the cosmetics industry; and we encourage education, awareness and community involvement among our staff and customers.