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MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has launched a campaign to demand better care for kalesa horses from the Intramuros administration.

In a petition, PAWS is asking Bataris organization to the Intramuros Administration and ask it to require kalesa operators to strictly enforce Department of Tourism Rules and Regulations on Accreditation of kalesa horses that only a maximum number of two people, excluding the coachman, shall be allowed on the kalesa.

It also seeks to ensure that the eight-hour work rule is observed for the kalesa horse and that they are provided real rest periods by removing the coach from the horse’s body during breaks.PAWS also seeks to require kalesa operators to show quarterly proof that the horses have been seen by equine veterinarians and farriers (those inspecting and repairing the shoes of the horse) and, in line with the Animal Welfare Act, the operators must be able to show accreditation with the Bureau of Animal Industry’s – Animal Welfare Division or BAI-AWD) and  suspend the permits of those allowing horses to work under poor health conditions.

The animal advocate group cited a 15-year-old horse, Rambo, who was overworked and overloaded while showing tourists the best Philippine culture and heritage in Intramuros.

“Kalesa horses like Rambo live miserable lives. They are overloaded, overworked and they are made to work in poor health conditions without seeing an equine veterinarian for most of their working lives. Currently, six to eight people, excluding the cochero, are allowed to ride the kalesas in Intramuros. DOT rules and regulations clearly state that there should only be two passengers for calesas,” PAWS said.

Bataris is an organization funded by Greenpeace Southeast Asia, where groups are allowed to run and deliver campaigns. As of this post, 1,480 people have signed the online petition, which has a target of 2,000 signatures.
— Rosette Adel 

PAWS Campaign on facebook can be found on this link: 

DON’T GRAB a kalesa ride. 

If you knew the horses were being treated badly, would you still take a kalesa?

Did you know that —
Animal welfare groups conducted LOVE KO, KABAYO KO clinics for Binondo and Intramuros cocheros and their horses in 2010?

Seminars and free clinics did not change the cruel system of kalesa rides. Majority of the cocheros rent these horses and make very little after paying their “boundary”(rental fees).
Hence, patronizing kalesa rides would not be able to do much in terms of providing better care for the horses.

Kalesa operators should provide better care and follow the law. 
Companies should not promote practices that are cruel and cite culture or tradition to defend it.
If you care for horses, please don’t ride a kalesa.
Sign our petition demanding better care for kalesa horses athttps://www.bataris.org.ph/…/demand-better-care-for-kalesa-…
Thank you.
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