MANILA, Philippines – The PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) disaster-relief team was in Davao to extend help to both animals and people who have been affected by flooding in the Davao region, brought by heavy rains since Saturday, January 19, 2013

This is the third time that the animal welfare organization is in the area. Their first two trips to Compostela Valley was done last month, almost a week after the deadly typhoon Pablo left almost a thousand people dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

“We just had to come back because the devastation was so widespread, and we are thankful that we are able to do this relief operations in partnership with International Fund for Animal Welfare or IFAW,” said PAWS executive director, Anna Cabrera.

SPCA International also sent funding for the vaccination of dogs in the affected areas and as of this writing, the group plans to head out to Cateel and Monkayo to do the rabies vaccinations.

Butch Silva recalls how one scene reminded him that in areas where both animals and people jointly suffer, the animals were in much more dire straits.

A family struggling to live in makeshift tents with their pet dog by the side of the highway in Carmen, Davao del Norte rushed out to meet the team when they saw the green PAWS shirts. Several humanitarian groups had already passed by giving relief to humans, which the humans had to share with their pets. The dog was very thin and looked very hungry.

“Look, he is not used to eating dog food but he is eating it because he is so hungry,” the owner remarked to Butch and the other volunteers as the Aspin voraciously ate the dry kibble they spread on the ground in front of the dog.

To help PAWS continue helping animals in disasters, consider becoming a supporting member by checking their website Bank accounts under the name “Philippine Animal Welfare Society” are listed in the site. PAWS also welcomes donations of old towels, antibiotics, doxycyclene capsules, alcohol, sterilized (powdered) gloves (size 7 1/2), and kennel cabs or transport carriers for dogs.

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