On November 21, 2012 at approximately 9am, at Branch 33 of Quezon City RTC presided by Judge Edward Pacis re: Case Number 00806, Ernesto Carual and John Albert Perez were convicted for violating the the Animal Welfare Act and were directed to pay a fine of only P2000 each.

The three other men who were caught with Perez and Carual slaughtering a dog are now on the run and are nowhere to be found.

“We can’t help but have mixed feelings about the case,” says Atty Roy Kayaban, PAWS’ legal counsel. “We are happy that justice has been served, but we are afraid that this type of cruelty will happen over and over again because of the dismal penalties of the Animal Welfare Act.”

“The amount of fine and the length of prison terms are no longer the  deterrents they used to be. Penalties must be increased, ” mentions Kayaban.  

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