PAWS was one of the participants of SPAY DAY celebrations. On Feb 25, 2011 over 100 people trooped to the PAWS shelter earlier than the announced registration time of 10am to register for free spay or neuter of their pet dogs and cats. 

Others even brought in trapped feral cats from their communities. 

The 70 slots quickly turned into 83 as PAWS officers made a decision to accommodate all those who were able to register until 12 noon. 

Each animal came with at least two or three family members or friends of family members who were curious about what a “Spay Day” was. 

The procedure had to be explained to them, especially to those who were bringing in their animals for spay for the very first time.

PAWS volunteers stayed late into the night and fed the animals who could not be neutered by 7pm.  About twenty-five animals had to spend the night in PARC so that they could have the surgery at 12 noon the next day.  

The owners were asked to come back for their pets at 6pm. 

Dr Wilford Almoro, PAWS Shelter Veterinarian, headed the team of veterinarian volunteers who did the surgeries namely, Dr. Nielsen Donato, Dr. Danilo Hiceta, Dr. Aries Hapatinga with Dr. Maripi Diaz doing the “knock-downs” or anesthesizing of each animal.

PAWS was touched by the public’s appreciation of the free services given to their animals. “The beneficiaries were very vocal in giving their thanks to the vets and staff members.  Two of the pet owners even brought over  snacks  and lunch for all volunteers,” said Charlene Laxamana, PAWS’ Shelter Administrative Officer.

SPAY DAY is one of those days when the shelter is teeming with people who are animal lovers. but not necessarily PAWS volunteers or animal advocates.  They swap stories of their animal rescues with us and of the stray animals that they wish to help.