PAWS opposes puppy mills.

For the uninitiated, puppy mills are facilities or individuals who engage in the commercial breeding of dogs who maximize profit by producing the most number of puppies at the lowest possible cost. 

Minimizing those costs comes at the expense of the welfare of the animals.

(Rules and Regulations on Kennels)

Typical features of the puppy mill include:

  • Dogs being cramped in tiny cages where they are expected to eat, sleep, and give birth in solitary confinement
  • Filthy living conditions as proper maintenance eat into profits. The puppies produced therefore often carry many health conditions
  • Poor vet care as again, this would be costly and time-consuming for the puppy mill breeder
  • Non-stop breeding as the female dog is expected to produce puppies at every opportunity, regardless if they are sick, injured, or have genetic traits that could be dangerous for their litter
  • Abandonment of the breeding dogs once their bodies have been depleted or sick to the point that they can no longer continue breeding

These cruelties also extend to the puppies who are often taken abruptly from their mother and sold immediately as these breeders know that the selling window is highest during the puppyhood stage. Many breeders have also resorted to wilfully withdrawing proper nutrition to these puppies in order to purposely retard their growth and “extend” the period where the puppies are tiny and cute – all the more enticing to unaware buyers.

It is important to note that any person who buys from puppy mills, whether directly or indirectly through the pet stores they supply, unknowingly also contributes to the perpetuation of this cruel business. This is why PAWS advocates for adopting and never buying a pet.