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After months of lobbying by DA, BAI, NMIS, vet groups and animal welfare NGOs, the Rabies Bill (or “an Act Providing for the Control and Elimination of Human and Animal Rabies, Prescribing Penalties for Violation Thereof and Appropriating Funds Therefor”) got its final reading at Congress last February 20, 2007.

Highlights of the said bill, aside from giving a budget for the purchase of vaccines, are as follows:
1. Dog electrocution is prohibited
2. Reiteration of RA 8485’s “prohibition of trade of dogs for meat”
3. Registration of all dogs 
4. Discounted registration fee for spayed or neutered dogs (Dog population control).
5. Penalties for irresponsible pet owners
6. Agencies tasked to implement the anti-rabies program shall seek the assistance and participation of NGOs re: education, community mobilization

Thanks to volunteers, organizations and officials who lobbied for this bill, we are all gradually working towards educating more people about responsible pet ownership and eradicating rabies.