PAWS advocates Adopt, Don’t Shop and strongly discourages retail sale of pets.

We urge all future pet owners to adopt animals from the shelter and to avoid purchasing their pets from various retail sources, such as pet shops or animal breeders.

Our hope behind this advocacy is the mitigation of support being funneled towards establishments of animal cruelty and neglect; as many pet stores and similar forms of animal retailers acquire their animals from unethical operations otherwise known as “puppy mills.”

(Rules and Regulations on Pet Shops)

Why say "NO" to puppy mills and breeders?

Puppy mills are often dedicated entirely towards financial profit and thereby treat their animals in an entirely inhumane manner. This is evidenced by the poor living conditions, rampant disease and general lack of care that are a trademark of these breeding farms.

As such, if the prospective pet owner nevertheless wishes to still purchase an animal from these pet shops, PAWS recommends that they first conduct adequate research in order to ensure the reputation of the breeders sourcing these pet shops.

A reputable and humane animal breeder will keep their animals in proper health, instill positive behavioral traits with non-violent training practices and moreover provide a healthy and adequate environment in which these animals may be raised.

By ensuring that their money is going towards benevolent and compassionate animal care, prospective pet owners can rest easy knowing that they not only have helped further the cause of animal welfare – but also that the animal they have purchased is likely of sound health and mind.