Responsible Feeding of Stray Animals

Did you start off by feeding one or two stray cats, and now there’s a dozen cats at your doorstep, waiting for food? 

Being a responsible feeder involves more than just putting food out for the strays. If you decide to feed stray animals, it is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t multiply and become a nuisance to the neighborhood. 

A responsible feeder must do the following:

1. Feed only the right amount.
An excess in food supply will attract stray animals from neighboring communities.
2. Feed out of sight, away from high traffic areas.
Feeding them at an exposed location makes them more noticeable to animal haters and makes them an easy target.
3. Do not tame stray animals.
Stray animals that are tamed will depend too much on humans and lose their survival instincts. It also makes them an easy target to people who would harm animals. Feral cats protect themselves by avoiding humans and staying out of sight. If you tame them, they lose this instinct.
4. Have them spayed/neutered (kapon).

Well-fed, healthy animals tend to reproduce more. Please have them neutered, or inquire about Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for your area.

If you don’t practice responsible feeding, you are part of the problem.

Although feeding stray animals is an act of kindness, you are putting the animals at risk if you ignore these guidelines. You can show them kindness by being a responsible feeder.

If you are looking for an animal that you can tame and pet, please visit an animal shelter.

You become the OWNER of a "stray" animal if: