We are relieved to inform you that PARC and its shelter animals remain safe from the floods caused by Typhoon Ondoy.

Surrounding areas are not so lucky – Marikina one of the hardest hit. PARC is opening its doors to dog and cat evacuees of the floods.

Two of our directors are still stranded in the second floor of their home in Pasig City with their numerous animals. The head of our Disaster Relief Team also experienced severe flooding in their home, and lost one of her dogs to drowning. Some of our volunteers are still stranded in their homes. We ask for your prayers for them.

For those who wish to send donations to PARC, we need cages with roofs – for the disaster evacuees. Dog food and cat food would also be very much welcome.

We would also appreciate food and drinking water brought in for the shelter staff – the three caretakers, gateboy, and the Shelter Admin Officer.

There is no power at PARC right now, and we would appreciate donations of battery-operated lamps or flashlights, as the emergency lights we have at the shelter are rechargeable plug-ins.

Thank you for your concern and help.