PAWS pushes to phase out zoos.

Whether for education or entertainment, zoos should be part of a bygone era wherein it is acceptable to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals displaced from their natural habitats. 

PAWS believes that the expenses needed for the creation and maintenance of the typical zoo are far better spent on the preservation and protection of nature.

(Rules and regulations on registration of animal control facility, aviary, cattery, circus/carnival animal show, corral, crocodile farm, hog farm, kennel, laboratory animal facility, monkey farm, pet shop, poultry farm, racetrack and equestrian establishment, slaughterhouse, stock farm, stockyard, stud farm, veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, wildlife, rescue center and zoo)

PAWS advocates for the environment holistically, wherein the protection of animals in the wild means protecting their natural habitats as well. Instead of constructing cages and enclosures, PAWS pushes for the creation of sanctuaries, where animals can thrive in their natural environments.

In the interim, PAWS is pushing for the improvement of the condition of animals in zoos, reminding both public and private zoo owners that the animals in their care be treated humanely and professionally.