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Animal Control vs. Animal Welfare

Animal Control: The stray animal population, complaints regarding pet waste and sanitation, and animals becoming a nuisance to the community or posing a risk to public health

Animal Welfare: The well-being of animals, responsible pet ownership, humane education, preventive measures against pet homelessness and animal cruelty

Do you have an animal control problem?

Contact your LGU (local government unit). They are paid by our taxes to control the stray animal population.

Shelters and animal welfare orgs cannot take in all stray animals. The City Pound is authorized to capture stray animals using humane methods in accordance with the Anti-Rabies Act. However, dogs caught by the city pound are only kept for a number of days. If they are not claimed or adopted within the holding period, they are euthanized or put to death.

Yes, owned dogs can be captured if they are roaming public areas. If your dog has been captured, he/she will be kept for a certain period (depending on the city ordinance) and you will pay a small fee to claim them. If they are not claimed within the holding period, they are euthanized or put to death. To keep this from happening, keep your dog indoors.

Neighbor disputes should be taken up with the barangay. PAWS or even other animal welfare orgs cannot get involved unless it’s a case of animal cruelty.

If you only feed without spaying/neutering (kapon) and you don’t practice managed feeding, these stray animals can become a nuisance to the community and they are at risk of being picked up by the pound. Learn more about responsible feeding here.

Do you have an animal welfare concern?

It is our mission to prevent cruelty, alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals. 

PAWS conducts TNR through the KabaliCAT Program. This is the only sustainable solution for managing the stray cat population in the country. Learn more here.
The City Pound is required to use humane methods in capturing, housing, and even euthanizing captured animals. PAWS can assist those who are determined to execute an affidavit and make a formal complaint to the Mayor’s office.
Animal cruelty must be reported to the authorities, but PAWS offers assistance to those who are determined to press charges and seek justice. Learn more here.
We can help you rescue an animal in need if you are willing to foster temporarily care for them until space frees up at the shelter. Learn more about our rescue and admission policy here.